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Chef Boys-R-We

Jan 30, 2020

Just Aaron & Brendan this week as Brendan makes some Queso Fundido, some roasted tomato salsa from scratch, and margaritas. They talk about how Epcot in Disneyworld is a lot of Americans first encounter with food from other cultures, they talk about living free and not compromising, and they try to figure out what the...

Jan 24, 2020

Only two chef boys this week, and they are joined by comedian Rachele Friedland ( as Aaron makes some Gnocchi out of sweet potatoes and also makes some nicely season chicken thighs. They talk about their experiences trying to learn to cook, the differences between California and the rest of the...

Jan 9, 2020

This week on a guestless Chef Boys-R-We, Luke makes some pizza with the pizza stone he got for Christmas. They talk toppings, the best pizza they've ever had, Brendan details his lifelong love of Pizza Hut, and they discuss exactly what's going on with Papa John.

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